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Why Google+ is Important for Your Business

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by SocialNova No Comments

Do you even know what Google+ is? It’s not nearly as well-known as Facebook is among casual Internet users. That’s okay though–because almost everyone uses Google search.

Google+ came out in the summer of 2011 to great fanfare. I personally like it’s user interface, privacy controls, and usability far more than Facebook. While Facebook is bulky and cumbersome, Google+ is clean and quick. Unfortunately, for people like myself, Google+’s popularity died almost as quickly as it came. It had trouble overcoming Facebook’s biggest asset–the fact everyone and everything you know and like is already on it. But Google+ is now using its main asset–one Facebook doesn’t have at all–the all-powerful search engine. just published an article about “Google [Merging] Search and Google+ Into Social Media Juggernaut“. Earlier this year we all saw the “+1″ icons next to our search results–that was Google’s first attempt of combining the two products (search and G+). Eventually we saw G+ personal and business pages pop up in our search results; this is one of the reasons it’s important to have a business page on G+. Now Google will be integrating G+ even more into search–something sure to scare Facebook because they don’t have the same ability. As seen in the article, Google users will be able to toggle between pure, “authoritative”,  search results (what we are used to) and those same results with G+ results added.

Example: let’s say you search the band “Phish”—-with the new feature enabled you will get the usual results from Google along with maybe a status update or a photo of someone that might be connected to you of a concert. If someone is not connected to you but their post about Phish was marked as public and was particularly popular on G+ (lots of “+1″s and comments), this post will show up in your results as well. In other words, not only are you getting the official results that you’d expect, but you’re also getting information on the topic from people that you might have not gotten before. This makes the SEO (search engine optimization) of any business page on G+ extremely high. Even if not a lot of people “follow” your business page, what you put on it will be favored by Google’s search results!

I personally don’t care for G+ results in my Google searches. I think it already yields data I don’t care about and this is only going to make it worse. However, I’m excited about it from a marketing standpoint. SocialNova will create and optimize your business’s G+ page (among other pages) so you’re very visible on Google searches. We’ll monitor and engage on it so your posts connect to your current and future customers!

This is an exciting time for your business.

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