Connecting You to Your Current and Future Customers

Okay, so what does SocialNova do?
Two main things: Social media management for businesses and customized web development.

We manage any relevant social mediums to the demographic you’re targeting by endlessly engaging with your current and future customers around the clock. We’re not passive and lazy like most social media companies who simply slap up a few weekly posts and send you an invoice. We do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to your social media and growing your online community–whatever it takes, we do. We want you to focus on your business, not on social networks.

The second part of what we do is create customized business websites. We can create anything you want online; this includes custom-designed email blasts and customized Facebook tabs (let’s say you want people to make reservations or see your menu directly from your Facebook page).

What makes SocialNova’s services different?
‘Proactive engagement’.

What is ‘proactive engagement’ ?
Okay, I knew you were going to ask that next. ‘Proactive engagement’ is the way we use your brand on social networks. While many other companies charge to passively post things on behalf of your company and hope people see it and engage with your page, we seek out engagement. We start conversations, get people involved, and anything else it takes to create organic social buzz around your brand online. We engage in endless Twitter conversations about related topics with customers or people with questions, we reach out to other pages that are in the community, we actively seek fresh content to get people talking, and so much more. Our customized geokeyword-based Twitter feeds to see who is talking about you and your competitors is our favorite (ask us about this).

How does all that work?
Well, when we get people to engage with us via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc, their friends see that they are connected to us (on Facebook, your customers’ friends would see it in their ‘news tickers’). It’s a sort of customer-powered advertising.

Okay, so now some more people ‘like’ or ‘follow’ my page, who cares…
YOU SHOULD. All this ‘proactive engagement’ has one goal in mind: to grow your online community. The more people that surround you, the more people see what you have to say the second you have to say it. Look at us as a sort of online community manager. We deal with questions, comments, and praise. We use the voice of your business to respond to these in a way that will encourage more engagement. On the other side of the coin is dealing with any negativity being spread around social networks. Say one person is expressing some pretty nasty comments; we typically come across these in our geokeyword feeds set up just for your business and are able to positively respond to the person before anything gets out of control–crisis management.

How often do you work? Are you easy to get a hold of?

24/7. Yes.

Want me to elaborate? When we’re working with someone, we are working all the time. We are monitoring your social media via our iPhones, iPads, and computers at all hours of the day. Did someone reply to a tweet wanting to know when your company can ship out the new batch of candy canes (or whatever) at 1am Friday night? We’re not going to wait until 9am Monday morning to respond like some a pack of lazy college kids. Remember, we’re PROACTIVE. Working with us is like hiring a full-time social media marketer for only a fraction of the cost!

And you can contact us via email or phone like it’s no thing. Don’t hesitate. In fact, call me right now. We can discuss how we can help your business in greater detail.