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Facebook Rolling Out Timeline for Brands

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by SocialNova No Comments

Facebook has rolled out the controversial ‘Timeline’ for its business pages whether you like it or not.  Initially released for personal Facebook profiles, many disliked how it pushed content farther down the page and found the overall layout to be somewhat abrasive–not to mention the personal privacy concerns that shouldn’t be as much of an issue with business pages.

Coca~Cola's new timeline (

While timeline for brands certainly has its flaws, it also brings a few features to the table that are really quite useful for companies.

The fact that it pushes content under the bottom of most people’s monitors, alone, is reason for many to dislike the styling. On the other side of things, the larger cover photo will certainly give many brands ample space to promote and advertise. But the side-by-side vertical posting sometimes forces images and statuses to take on odd dimensions which is something that many can’t get over easily. It’s really tit-for-tat when it comes to the new features.

Rethink Your Social Marketing Strategy

If your brand has been thinking of changing up your strategy for marketing via Facebook, now would be the time to do it. The strategy change will get lost in the jolt of your page moving to the Timeline format.

Coldplay's Timeline (

Brands now have the ability to open an ‘administrator panel’ that appears above the cover photo. It pushes content down even farther for the page administrators but it gives the admin a quick view of some choice insights stats, recent notifications, and messages…that brings us to our next point…

Page Messages

People on Facebook are now able to send a page a message. The page’s inbox is now displayed on the right of the admin panel. This is very useful for staying in contact with customers. Fans of a page don’t need to seek out an email address in the info section anymore–they can simply click ‘message’ at the top of the page and BOOM they can privately engage.

Accessibility of Tools

The various drop-menus at the top of the Timeline makes for quick setting changing and information gathering. You can quickly check the banned users or your brand’s activity log among other tasks.


Timeline for pages gives admins more control over their pages along with some more important features (like messaging), but the aesthetic aspect of Timeline continues to be a problem. Timeline makes a page (or personal profile) cumbersome to navigate. Facebook will probably update the look of Timeline in a couple months anyways so take the good and wait for the bad to change.

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