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Why Google+ is Important for Your Business

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by SocialNova No Comments

Do you even know what Google+ is? It’s not nearly as well-known as Facebook is among casual Internet users. That’s okay though–because almost everyone uses Google search.

Google+ came out in the summer of 2011 to great fanfare. I personally like it’s user interface, privacy controls, and usability far more than Facebook. While Facebook is bulky and cumbersome, Google+ is clean and quick. Unfortunately, for people like myself, Google+’s popularity died almost as quickly as it came. It had trouble overcoming Facebook’s biggest asset–the fact everyone and everything you know and like is already on it. But Google+ is now using its main asset–one Facebook doesn’t have at all–the all-powerful search engine. (more…)

Many Retailers Miss Importance of Foursquare

Posted on: January 9th, 2012 by SocialNova No Comments

Most business owners I’ve spoken with have no clue what Foursquare is. The brand that made “checking-in” cool is a geo-marketing king and should be fully utilized by any business where people physically walk into its doors. A Foursquare check-in can be the difference between a customer coming back or $25 more being spent per visit.

Not only can it help with your bottom line, but it is an effective marketing tool–it helps your business’s name get seen by people. While Facebook provides the most exposure for your company name on the Internet, the solid base of users that frequently are on Foursquare should not be overlooked.

SocialNova loves setting up Foursquare marketing campaigns for you. We’ll even get you the little cling-on sticker that you can put in your shop window letting people know they should check in. A proper Foursquare campaign, connected to a similar Facebook and Twitter campaign, is more powerful than many small business owners can imagine.